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Hi there - I'm Nicholas, owner and sole developer of Queen City Design.

I started programming after achieving success in the electronic sports industry by working for Blizzard Entertainment - a Fortune 100 company. Later, I wanted a career more aligned with my personal values and entrepreneurial ambition.

In only a year, I taught myself to build websites and applications that solve real-world business problems which landed me positions at large tech companies with considerable responsbility.

Over a few years of work, I was solving real problems for real businesses - and seeing the lucrative growth they achieved afterwards. And by doing so, I discovered a problem for many small businesses: They don't have the funds to drop thousands of dollars upfront on a new website - making it difficult to compete with the big players in their industries.

And the ones that did... got taken advantage of. They were given terrible websites which looked pieced together by someone in a dungeon who hasn't seen design trends for the past decade. Worst of all, the website never focused on solving the underlying problem of why they needed a website in the first place (to grow their business)!

What a waste.

In addition, shady web developers made clients responsible for dealing with their own hosting service, content backups, website edits, general maintanence, SEO optimization and so on... unless they shelled out even more money.

Frustrating, right?

Many small businesses either can't afford a quality website, and if they can, they don't know who to trust to make something great without putting even more responsibility on themselves. Isn't the point of hiring someone that they solve your problem from start to finish?

So I built a business model to fit their needs: The $0 down and $199 a month model. It's managable for a small business's bank account and comes with the peace of mind they'll have a strong, revenue-generating web presence to get them closer to their #1 goal: Growing their business.

Excited to level up your business's web presence? Reach out now to set up a free consultation.

Business-first approach

Quality over Quantity

SEO-First Code

Blazing fast sites by default. We hand-build each website to outrank your competition.

Unbeatable Customer Service

No automated systems - when you need help, the lead developer answers your call.

Limitless Design

We can edit our designs to cater to your tastes. Everything is customizable!

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